Dental care: The Do's and Don't's for taking care of your pet's bad breath!

Even though dental care may be a priority to you, we often overlook our pet's vital need for dental hygiene. Is it really worth the trouble to brush their teeth with a toothbrush everyday? Can you use floss? Many pet owners can be rather clueless when it comes to dental care for their pets. Allow these Do's and Don't's to shed some light on following the right path!

Dental Care

Dental Care Do's:

DO communicate regularly with your vet regarding your pet's dental health! They will provide you with the best information about how you should and should not care for your pet.

DO ensure that your vet examine your pet for broken or damaged teeth at regular check ups. This may be easily overlooked and will cause a lot of unnecessary pain for your helpless pet.

DO brush their teeth regularly! This will prevent plaque from building up and will keep the teeth healthy for longer.

DO consider teeth cleaning treats and chew toys. Evaluate your pet and decide on which toy would be most suitable for them. I.e. an old dog in a poor dental condition will benefit most from soft chewy toys, whilst a large dog will at risk of choking when given a small, fragile toy.

DO feed small animals like rabbits, gerbils and hamsters fresh timothy hay regularly. This will to ensure that their digestion stays on track, whilst helping to wear down their ever growing teeth.

DO consider asking your vet about periodic professional teeth cleaning - with anesthesia!

Dental Care Don't's:

DON'T use human toothpaste! Visit your vet or pet shop and ask for specially formulated toothpaste for animals!

DON'T ignore bad breath! Don't just assume your pet's breath stinks because it's a pet. Many a times this bad breath may have a negative underlying cause which may lead to kidney or heart disease if left unchecked!

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